How Pinterest Changed My Life

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I am obsessed with Pinterest. I will openly tell people…Pinterest has changed my life.

Whether it has changed my life for the better is up for serious debate.

All I can say is, it is a very good thing that Pinterest was not around when I was in college. I would never have graduated. I could spend hours, days even, scrolling through images, hitting the  “see more pins” button, which is the icon that shows up at the very bottom of the screen when you’ve already scrolled through like, a bajillion of images.

And I know I’m not alone.

Nevertheless, I urge you to come to the dark side that is Pinterest if you have not already.


We not only have cookies (and cupcakes!), but they are fiercely and fabulously decorated and look like something like this:

Cookie Monster Approved

Cookie Monster Approved

If you’re crafty and clever enough, that is.

But if you didn’t happen to have earned a culinary arts degree in pastry, the results are more likely to come out like this:

Results to the Right Are Typical. Very Typical.

Results Are Typical. Very Typical.

There’s even a whole blog called Pinterest Fail, “where good intentions come to die”.  And it’s hilarious.

But I digress.

The reason I would like for you to join and follow me on Pinterest is because I have finally completed my life’s most valuable mission: I have made pinning on Pinterest not only a hobby, but a hobby with a valid purpose.

And that purpose is to find really, really cool stuff that you can earn cash back on with your free shopping membership!

And let me tell you, I am in no way running out of cool things to pin  — and earn cash back on! 

In case you need like a personal submarine one day or something.


Only 2 Mil. NBD.

But there’s also some practical stuff. Like this wonderful umbrella, literally, fit for a queen. Apparently, this is the very umbrella Her Majesty The Queen uses when she takes a stroll outdoors. The clear dome canopy encapsulates its holder in a wonderful personal moisture barrier, giving new meaning to the idea of ones “personal bubble”. Me like.


My collection is really part-practical, and for-the-most-part-ridiculous.

Girl’s gotta dream.


Your Lady of Shopping

How To Turn 75 Bucks Into 675 Bucks…..What??!

I could literally spend hours shopping in the Lyoness store for online merchants — I love the ability to shop for anything I need, from the comfort of my couch, and know that in doing so, I am turning my expenses into income.

Warning: We are going to be throwing around a lot of numbers today. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big math whiz. If you’re like me, stay with me, because I’m going to show you how to turn eensy weensy numbers into big fat stacks. You’re gonna love it. So stay tuned.

I make mention of this aspect often on my blog, and today I’d like to share with you what I mean by this — how to turn your expenses into income. I’m no mathematician magician, just a girl lucky enough to have found out about a loyalty rewards company that does just that.

When you login to your Lyoness account, you’ll be able to search for merchants. You’ll notice that each merchant offers a cashback reward and a loyalty benefit reward. These two numbers are displayed as percentages underneath the merchant’s name and logo.

For instance, offers a 2% cashback bonus and a 8% Loyalty Benefit. Let’s say for simplicity’s sake that you spent $100 on a pair of fabulous suede boots for fall, like these:


As long as you are logged into your Lyoness account and your cookies are enabled, your benefits will reflect once your purchase is finalized. You’ll get a text right away which will tell you how much you earned in cashback from Lyoness. Sometimes it can take a while to show up online, but when it does post, you will see that you earned 2% cashback, in this case, $2 for your purchase.

Depending on the settings you’ve selected in your Lyoness account, your $2 will either go into your cash account or your loyalty account. I’ll explain this in just a second. Let’s say it goes into your cash account. So now you have 2 bucks in your cash account. Once your cash account amounts to at least $15, that money can be transferred to the bank account that you select, each and every Tuesday.

Or, you can choose to have the money go into your loyalty account. This is the option I have selected, personally.

This will make sense when you understand what the “Loyalty Benefit” is — that second percentage I mentioned. In keeping with the example of our $100 purchase from, we earn an 8% loyalty benefit from this merchant. So that means that $8 will go into our loyalty account. The loyalty account is what I like to call the “piggy bank”.


fat piggy = happy piggy

Let’s go out on a limb here, and say that you’re obsessed with shoes (like that’s a stretch, ha!). Over the course of the year, you reward your fabulous self with 9 more pairs, and you got them all at and earn yourself that 8% loyalty benefit each time you made a $100 purchase. $8 for 10 pairs, total. That comes to $80.

Here’s where the loyalty benefit comes in. Now that you have earned $75+ in loyalty benefits, Lyoness places an accounting unit into your online account as a reward for your loyalty.

That doesn’t mean you get $75 in your cash account. It means that you have a $75 unit in your loyalty account. It will be represented as a little blue tile when you login to your Lyoness account.

So, let’s say you forget about this little tile, but you go on with your savvy shopping, making purchases of gas, groceries, clothing, gifts, etc. etc. and you start recommending your friends and family to the Lyoness shopping  network.

All the while, you’re earning little units, they’re earning little units, everyone’s happy, getting their cashback and their fabulous shoes and what not. This keeps on happening until there are 70 little units behind your one unit that you earned from purchasing 10 pairs of shoes. These units could be from your own shopping, or the shopping of your friends and family. Lyoness doesn’t think you should have to do all the shopping — and that you should get rewarded for whoever you refer to shop with you.

I drew up a little picture to help make this easier on you.


click to enlarge

As you can see from the above, your little unit gets placed, and then more units stack up behind it. I want to emphasize something here — these are not “legs” as in with a traditional MLM company where each block represents a person. These units represent shopping. That’s all they are. This shopping could be done by you, your friend, your neighbor, your mom, or your monkey. Anyone who knows about Lyoness because of you. And shopping keeps on happening so your units keep on popping up. Especially if you know a bunch of shopaholics.

When you have 3 little units on top, and 3 below, you get bonus money, just ’cause! In fact, throughout the life of your little unit, you keep getting bonus money, and the more units you have, the more money you get.

Here’s a little chart that I made to show you how much money you get when you get 3 units above, 3 units below and so on. I’m glad I know how to make little charts like these to explain myself. It’s like I went to college or something. My professors would be so proud.


click to enlarge

Here’s where it gets real. When two units get together who love each other very much — just kidding…but when those shopping units get to stackin’, and they stack up to the point where there are 35 bricks on one side (up top) and 35 bricks on the other (down below) a little baby unit, pops out, and $675 bucks — cash money — turns up in your bank account.

Way better than real babies, which just suck you dry of money, right?

That’s not all though. The baby unit gets “re-booked” into Accounting Category II, and when this happens, the baby units are worth even more money when they “fill out”. Like, a lot more.

But more on that later. All I wanted to do today, was to show you how you could basically be earning free money to do the shopping that you were already planning on doing anyway, simply by redirecting your shopping through Lyoness merchants (which, for all I know, you could already be shopping with currently!) And to show you exactly why Lyoness shoppers are so very “fiercely” loyal. Why we would even go out of our way just to shop through Lyoness. Except that you don’t even have to go out of your way. You don’t even have to get out of your kitty cat pajamas or leave your couch even, if you’re shopping online. 

I mean, these are merchants that you know and love….I’m talking Macy’s, Kohl’s,, etc. etc. Those are some of the “big names”. I like to write about the merchants that offer the biggest bang for your buck — like a 24% loyalty benefit instead of a 2% loyalty benefit. And I love to showcase the merchants that offer extra coupon codes at checkout or those that are just plain awesome because they feature interesting and pinterest-worthy stuff.

Not only are these purchases that you’re probably currently making anyway, but how often do you get to earn money, number 1, for your own shopping and, number 2 for the shopping that other people are doing??? I mean, how amazing is that? 

It makes me want to pick up the phone and call or text every single person I know about it. And I do — but not everyone “gets it”. Which is why I’ve created this blog. To help make it easy on us all. I think that this Lyoness shopping concept is so cool that I’m writing a whole blog about it. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will. (Except that I have too much time on my hands? I should get a life? lol)

Disclaimer: This post does not even do the whole accounting program justice because I only touched on Accounting Category I, and didn’t even mention the fact that there are 5 Accounting Categories — each paying out way more than $675.

For now, I will return you to your regularly scheduled shopping,  and if you’d like the scoop on how to earn money for your purchases, at no cost to you, and haven’t yet already, check this out.

May you be blessed with many “baby” units,


Earn Cash Back at GILT

Ahh yes, GILT. Letting the bourgeois sample a taste of “The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” at discounts of up to 60% off retail.

Gilt continually searches for the most coveted brands and products, including fashion for women, men, and children; home decor; and gourmet food. Members of the world’s largest shopping community enjoy discounts on brands which fluctuate on a weekly basis.

This week? Beautiful art to adorn thine walls. like this gorgeous print entitled Bathing Beauty:

bathing beauty

booty-full art at

You can find other works of art on canvas, by logging into your Lyoness cash back portal and searching “GILT”.

GILT also features great deals on travel in luxurious places, fit for a king:

Travel Deals at

Travel Deals at

And I don’t know about you, but investing in coffee table books is the true mark of the fact you’ve made it in this world. Let nobody be the wiser that your fancy purchases actually earned you cash back & then some. Plus you got a deal and everything. Shhhh. Ladies never tell.

Only $31 from

Only $31 from

While we’re getting fancy with it, let’s go to the grocery store and buy tiny pickles! & make an olive tray and a cheeseball, invite our friends over and wear ridiculously beautiful costume-style jewelry like this:

Kendra Scott Jewelry from

Kendra Scott Jewelry from

Ok. I’m starting to feel like Fancy Nancy (which by the way, you can also earn cash back on, via Books A Million).

Shopping my fancy pants off,

Your Lady of Shopping

It Just Keeps Getting Better — Cash Back at WHOLE FOODS!


Just what will they come up with next?

Now you can earn your beloved cash back rewards (& then some) by shopping at none other than Whole Foods!

I’m pretty sure you have no idea HOW ECSTATIC I AM ABOUT THIS. (Unless you’re already a Lyoness shopper, then you I know you feel me!)

buy some green, get some greenback

buy some green, get some greenback

It’s just that, until now, the only place to buy groceries through the best loyalty program ever was through WalMart.

Now don’t get me wrong. I appreciate WalMart just as much as the next penny-pinching American. I mean, you can buy gas (via Sam’s Club), bulk groceries, prescriptions, get your oil changed (at their auto centers) and buy tires. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

But sometimes, you just want some fresh juicy, organic produce, specialty Hawaiian pink sea salt, whole grain quinoa, locally sourced prime rib and gluten-free brownie mix.

My Whole Foods Booty.

My Whole Foods Loot

Now, Whole Foods is not what we would call a “direct merchant” with Lyoness. They are what we like to call an “indirect merchant”. A local company based in Texas sells the gift cards to Whole Foods. We order the gift card through this Lyoness merchant, thereby earning our rewards indirectly.

If you’d like more information on how to register (for FREE) as a shopper and benefit on group discounts in a way that supports, rather than detracts, from local businesses across the US, simply email me at

Fun Fact: Did you know, Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, TX? According to their website: “Our Lamar Boulevard store has been called the top destination in Austin. It’s visited by even more tourists than the Texas state capitol, and as far as we know, it’s the only supermarket with a rooftop ice skating rink.” COOL!

More bad puns and granola bars,


Your Lady of Shopping

How to Register for The Best Loyalty Program. Ever.


It seems like every store you go to nowadays wants to pass off another membership card on you with the promise of rewards for your loyalty to their brand.

By now, your keychain looks like you have some sort of recycled plastic hoarding fetish.

How many more loyalty cards can your keychain take? They’re starting to make you look bad. The cashier and the rest of the world are waiting for you to shuffle through your massive colorful collection until you find the lucky winner. Except you just get the same “great deal” everybody else gets.

Where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, isn’t the point of a loyalty card to keep you coming back to that one store?

Bet you have a card for each and every grocery store in town.

What if you had just one loyalty card, which made all the others obsolete (or at best, just a nice add-on feature)?

That’s exactly the idea behind Lyoness. One loyalty card that delivers you cash back.

No coupons, discounts, points, stars or whatever.

Cold, hard, cashola.

For every purchase you make you’ll receive 1-2% cashback. Even the credit card companies have caught on. 0% APR? Been there done that. “Show me the money!”

They’ve finally figured out that people like getting more moolah.

Oh, this old thing? Just a dress made of extra money I wasn't using!

Oh, this old thing? Just a dress made of extra money I wasn’t using…

But guess what? The Lyoness card is not a credit card.


In fact, the only information required in order to become a free member in the world’s largest shopping community is the same exact info. you would enter on the application to get a grocery store rewards card:

Your Name (To make sure that you’re a real boy or girl)

Your Street Address (So that they may send you a physical card in the mail)

Your birthdate (You gotta be legal, 18 years young at least.)

Your mobile number (To send you text alerts when you’ve received cashback– every Tuesday)

Your email (To send you a confirmation link, to ensure that you actually do want to register!)

That’s it. No credit check. This information will never be shared with any other company for any reason.

You must be recommended by someone else who is already a member of the community (such as myself) and if it were me, I’d like to sign up with someone who knows a thing or two about this company, how to shop, how it can make you money, and who knows the answers, should any questions come up (ahem).

I can assure you, I’d be much obliged.

Simply write me an email, to with the information provided, and in the subject, please write: Register Me

That’s all!

Stay tuned, because earning cash back with Lyoness is merely the very tippy tip of the iceberg!

Except that the iceberg is made out of lettuce.

The kind you use to buy stuff with?

Ha ha!

Oh, me.

With love and bad puns,

Your Lady of Shopping

An Honest Review of Lyoness: Is it a scam?

debra messing

on perfection

Lyoness –An Honest Review

In their own words, Lyoness is: a global loyalty rewards program dedicated to providing a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship between their unparalleled community of international shoppers and merchants. A free Lyoness membership provides shoppers with exclusive benefits from online shopping, gift card purchases, the Lyoness cash back card and mobile cash back with over 29,000 merchants at more than 150,000 locations!

Nobody and nothing, including a business entity, is perfect.

That being said, there’s a lot to Lyoness, and I intend to go over the main pros and cons of the world’s largest shopping community without sugarcoatin’ it.


  • Free, lifetime membership to the world’s largest shopping community
  • Benefit from group shopping that does not take away from the business, but rather helps business, unlike Groupon
  • The company was started in Austria in 2003. Longevity matters.
  • Meets rigorous certifications: TUV (basically, Europe’s version of the BBB) and ISO
  • A portion of every purchase goes to charity: Greenfinity and The Child & Family Foundation.
  • You can triple-up your savings: with your individual loyalty cards (keychain tags), discount promo codes and by using your airlines or any other credit card you happen to use
  • You can support local businesses in your area, and across the US, as well as shop at your favorite national chain stores
  • Your rewards include cash back and then some
  • Does not require that you spend much outside, if at all, of your personal norm
  • Helps both the merchant and the consumer benefit (win-win)
  • Online shopping is easy
  • No risk involved — No credit check needed as it is not a credit card — free membership at no cost to you
  • You are paying the exact same (if not less, given the coupon codes) that you would if you were not a Lyoness shopper.


  • Part of the reason that the benefits to Lyoness are so wonderful is that they happen to also be rather complicated – it takes at least an hour to really sit down and thoroughly understand all 10 benefits of shopping within the system. Thoroughly understanding the compensation structure is not necessary to reap the benefits. (Part of the reason that I started this blog is to make it easy for those in the shopping community to understand the compensation plan — all 10 benefits — one at a time. So stay tuned)
  • While I do believe that eventually this network concept will encourage consumers to shop locally, until the shopping community has grown to a certain extent in each area of the US, shoppers will mainly rely on online shopping, and using gift cards to large national chains.
  • While it’s easy to shop online for the majority of your purchases – when you need to buy gas or go to Walmart, this is rather an involved process which requires funding your purchase account, and then waiting for FedEx to deliver your cards. Money is tight for a lot of folks, and not everybody can wait around for a week while their $300 in gift cards shows up. I would think that a 10 year old European company would have figured this one out already.
  • Signing up a friend should be as easy is 1-2-3. Send them an email, and sign them up right? No such luck. As the recommender, you do have to pay the $1.50 in signup fees in order to sign up your friend, and in order to do so, you have to go through the whole “funding your purchase account thing” which involves snapping a picture of your check, made out to Lyoness USA and sending it in with your member ID attached, waiting 3-4 days for it to go through, and then re-logging in to sign up your friend. This IMHO, is a bit of a pain in the tookus.


All of that being said, I believe in the vision of the company and what they are aiming to do. They’ve created, mathematically speaking, a sustainable, self-perpetuating system in regards to the compensation/rewards which most loyalty programs on an individual basis, cannot compare to, since they are a network of many local and large businesses, rather than one business. That aspect in and of itself, lends to the idea of a global community. The rewards are so beneficial and extensive that it makes sense why the members of this shopping community are as they say “fiercely loyal”. If you haven’t already, check out this video on the 10 benefits of shopping with Lyoness. The video is password-protected; email for a comprehensive explanation of all 10 benefits. If you’re not interested in referring others, or “building a business shopping for a living”, that’s certainly okay– shop til you drop, then! Might as well earn some free money while you’re at it.

If you would like more information on the world’s largest shopping community, simply fill out the form below, and you’ll receive an email with helpful information from yours truly.

Shoppe by Scout Mob — Better Than Etsy?

Are you getting the most out of your *free* Lyoness membership? Did you know you can check out exclusive coupon codes, simply by logging in & navigating to the “shopping” icon, like so:


When you hover over this link, you’ll see an option for: Coupon Codes. Go for it.

Here, you can see all the extra deals (on top of cashback and your other benefits) on free shipping offers, coupons, etc from various Lyoness merchants.


That’s just where I chanced upon a new Lyoness merchant I’d never noticed before, called Shoppe by Scout Mob.

I love the fact that this site sells handcrafted local works of art, jewelry, clothing, gadgets and home goods. You can even search by the city of origin for any piece, and support your own local business owners.

I just love these clutches from Jen Hewitt’s Studio:


Or this messenger bag, made of recycled billboards by Plywood People:


You can even find artesian food items like these gourmet hot sauces in vintage apothecary bottles, by NW Elixirs:


As for me, I’m gonna go snatch up one of these for my home-brewing honey at home:


With hops and kisses,

Your Lady of Shopping

P.S. In case you’re new here.

Earn Cash Back at Ulta!

Did you know that Ulta, the mecca of all things beautiful and bubbly is a member of the world’s largest shopping community?

To score your bonus rewards, login to your lyoness portal as per usual and type in Ulta in the search query. Click “shop online” and be sure your cookies are enabled.


Want to score some free loot from Ulta? Here’s how:

Click here

Click on “Gifts” in the upper right corner

“Gifts with Purchase” will give you a 5 page selection of purchases that come with free stuff, like luggage, fragrance, makeup, nail polish — all kinds of great stuff to stash and wrap for the holiday season! The ladies in your life will thank me you. (You’re welcome!)

Christmas Presents - check!

Christmas Presents – check!

I love this duffel bag –which comes free when you purchase any 3.4 oz. fragrance from the Adam Levine collection. When in doubt, check out This is where I go for all kinds of beauty product reviews. For fragrance, it’s a must.

Free with Fragrance Purchase

Free with Fragrance Purchase

Free Lotion when you purchase Escada Cherry in the Air Fragrance to match —

Free lotion with fragrance

Free lotion with fragrance

It’s not all about fragrance and luggage — there’s skincare too… When you purchase Juicy Organic Cleanser, you’ll receive a complimentary enzyme peel (great for acne-prone or aging skin). In case you’re wondering, beauty blogger Sheer Glitz wrote a raving review on this product! Check it out!

Free Organic Enzyme Peel

Free Organic Enzyme Peel

Want to add more bang for your buck?

Pay for your purchase with one of these credit cards, rated best of 2013 by nerdwallet, like the Capital One Venture Card, which will earn you 2 miles per dollar purchased.

You’ll be packing up that new duffle in no time!

Enjoy your Bubble Bath and Cash back,

Your Lady of Shopping